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Pre-Spected Program

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In today’s market a Pre-Spected home just helps sell homes faster!

Consider This:

Majority of all transactions entail the potential buyer requesting a home inspection – often resulting in negotiations for repairs, a reduced price or a missed sale.

The Pre-Spected Program is designed to help you sell a property faster and with less negotiating. It consists of a pre-listing home inspection and a marketing program which will provide a potential buyer a more complete package when comparing your listing with others they’ve seen.

The program focuses on providing the same level of detail found in our traditional pre-purchase inspections, PLUS a host of additional information and materials which are designed to maximize the chances for a quick sale. The Pre-Spected home addresses additional specifics of the seller’s home and stands out as a property that has been “pre-inspected”.


The Program’s Homeowner Benefits:

SETS THE LISTING APART – The Pre-Spected Program sets the home apart from other listings by having the report and summary information readily available during showings.

INCREASES HOME’S DESIRABILITY – A Pre-Spected and repaired home will shine above other listings, increasing buyer competition. Greater buyer competition means increased selling prices and reduced buyer/seller negotiations.

FEWER CONTRACT RELEASES – Full up front disclosure means fewer contract terminations by the buyers. Homes sell faster and often for more money

FANTASTIC MARKETING MATERIALS – The Pre-Spected Program provides an assortment of documents and signage within the property which are designed to help you sell the home. This includes a copy of the original report, multiple “take home” copies of the report’s summary, a stand up flyer showing the benefits of a pre-inspected home and a yard sign out front which advertises the home’s Pre-Spected status.

PEACE OF MIND – The Pre-Spected Program provides peace-of-mind to the buyer because the seller is being proactive and providing full disclosure, above and beyond the Seller’s Disclosure Statement

NO SURPRISES – Inspecting the house before listing it on the market allows full discovery for the seller and full disclosure to a prospective buyer. However, inspecting the house after a buyer submits a contract can often produce sudden surprises for seller and buyer alike.


As with traditional inspections, the Pre-Spected home inspection would be performed according to the same InterNASHI and South Dakota Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. However, the Pre-Spected home inspection would include the marketing program designed to sell the house faster, attain a higher selling price and reduce buyer/seller negotiating.